Travel Adventures - Riding A Bird Through Downtown Warsaw, Poland

Riding a Bird through Downtown Warsaw, Poland!

A fun little Thursday adventure when I had a few hours of free time!

It’s my goal on this year-long adventure and travels to have a great balance. A balance between work and play/exploration. I always say it’d be a shame for me to travel the world but work 80-100 hour weeks and never enjoy or explore! So when I have free time, I make the best out of it and never waste a single moment, like this one!

Started right near my apartment close to City Center in Warsaw (just by the Palace of Science and Culture). From there I headed West and South to pass-through the Polish Army Museum, numerous parks, Polish Army Stadium, saw a few castles and palaces along the way, and even a freedom march!

Watch the video above and enjoy the beautiful city of Warsaw from the view of my Bird!

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Evan Laird Birding Around Warsaw Poland While Traveling The World
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