Day 13 – “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” - _Nothing can be done without hope and confidence._
So how does this step by step help me build confidence? It just seems like a framework for achieving my goals?
And that’s the exact point. 😉
Confidence stems from doing and achieving.

“Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

So the fact that you’re doing something you value and hold highly in your life is what is building your confidence. Stringing together victory after victory each step knowing you’ll achieve it because you reached the last 5-6. Without noticing the momentum, you made towards your goal built up your confidence.
Now when you look at new struggles of goals, you have the confidence to say I made it through that, or I achieved this. So why would this new challenge be any different?
Just like knowledge and skills can be built through repetition, so can confidence. And by taking small actionable steps, you’re doing and did just that!

My personal fitness story of building one step at a time

To give a personal story of how this works, I can take you back four years ago at the start of my life-changing journey. I didn’t know it at the time but the small steps and decisions I made my freshman year of college ultimately shaped where I am today.
Luckily I was naturally a bit more confident than others growing up due to my brother, father, and the values instilled in me when I was young. But 18 and 60 lbs overweight with a girlfriend that cheated on me and broke up with me, my confidence was shattered.

Adding each little step

I made the conscious decision to lose some weight to regain where my standards were. So every day I did more and ate a bit less. I didn’t make dramatic changes as I was already hitting the gym. But I slowly swapped unhealthy meals with healthy ones. Starting with salads for lunch, slowly eating smaller more protein-packed breakfasts throughout six months.
In the gym, I started pushing myself harder and longer. Slowly increasing my workload and benching 145lbs one week and each week adding 2-5lbs hitting a new PR every day in every lift. Letting the snowball and compound effect work naturally.

Confidence bleeding over into the rest of my life

Before you know it those good habits lead to great habits in other parts of my life. Slowly drinking less, doing drugs less, studying more, and feeling better about myself. Through time as these achievements compounded my mansion of confidence was being built.
I started looking at every challenge just as that a challenge, not an indestructible wall. Knowing that if I was able to lose 60 lbs, double my strength, and turn my F’s into A’s that with the right amount of confidence and determination I can then achieve anything I put my mind to.

Being able to look back on the journey

It’s been a long journey of 4-5 years now. And yes I still struggle but not with the same problems as those are long behind me and accomplished. They don’t even cross my mind, because I’m working on bigger and better things.
And that’s where we are getting you to, to understand that it’s a long journey and not a sudden bang of change. But far enough along into it, you’ll be able to look back and smile and laugh about your old challenges. And be able to look forward on a better life with the confidence that you can tackle anything that life throws at you. - _Nothing can be done without hope and confidence._
Push through,
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Day 8 – “True faith is believing in what you can’t see or touch, no matter the circumstance.”

"True faith is believing in what you can't see or touch, no matter the circumstance."

Officially one week of starting writing. I’ve realized that I get my best work done and best thinking when I get my blood flowing — the main reason why the gym has been so therapeutic for me. So without it has been tough but like everything else, I found my workaround.

I was told no strenuous exercise for three weeks, so leg exercises or hard cardio was out of the question. But I was cleared to sit on a stationary bike and pedal my little ass like seven years old who just learned how to ride. Lame yes? But better than nothing?? Fuck yes! It’s become the highlight of my day now.

stationary bike

So I write to you from my comfy little stationary seated bike looking over a bright Miami morning. Being in this bright part of my day, I think it’s good to discuss faith finally.

“True faith is believing in what you can’t see or touch, no matter the circumstance.”

This isn’t just about religion and faith in that sense. But faith in the future, yourself, others, and a great being if that’s what you choose to believe.

Faith in your dream and yourself

You created your vivid vision, but you can’t see it or touch it correct? Same with your standards right? No matter how detailed you got and descriptive your words are, it’s still an abstract noun. But what makes it real? Your hard work, yes. But your faith must come first.

You have to believe it to be true and have faith in yourself and that your standards and vision can be achieved. You have to have faith in your vision enough to make it through the bad days and fuel you farther on your good days.

Again I’m not forcing you to believe a particular religion but leaning and having faith that Jesus Christ came down to save us, and that God is an almighty being has changed my life and fueled me to achieve great things in my early life.


Making it through a trial with faith

The Bible has a substantial amount of advice, philosophical and religious on how you can make it through struggle and life. One parable being the disciples on the boat in the dead sea.

A massive storm approached nearly sinking the ship of the disciples. Jesus lay asleep in the cabin after a hard Day’s work (we’ve all been there!). Frightened of death the disciples woke Jesus asking if he cared about them enough to save them. In a moment Jesus proclaimed silence and ceased the winds and waves. Afterword he asked begged the question, do you not have faith?

Reminding the disciples and us during tough times, there is no need to be afraid if you have faith. Through every challenge, if you trust that the destination will be better than the starting line and that there is something amazing on the other end of this road, you will make it through. Whether that’s faith in the Lord, in your plan, or yourself, it’s a necessary component to powering through your struggle.

Nothing trumps faith

Motivation is great, but nothing trump’s faith. Start believing in something higher than your circumstance, than yourself, and your vision will start to unfold before you.

"True faith is believing in what you can't see or touch, no matter the circumstance."

Push Through,

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