Day 14 – “There’s no final exam in life.” - _There's no final exam in life._

It’s about that time we take a big left turn. After a killer series focusing on confidence and building your achievement mindset, it’s tough to come up with something as tactical. But with Thanksgiving week just starting, I want to jump into something a little less tactical and goal driven. By getting a little more emotional, spiritual, and relational.

When you’re going through a trial, it’s hard to understand why. You start to become less grateful for the cards that you were dealt. You begin to question why you, why now, why this, why that. What you have to realize is that it’s just another test.

“There’s no final exam in life.”

It’s just another test. If you’re still in school right now, you can relate. And if you aren’t I know you can think back to the days. - _There's no final exam in life._

Sitting in the library, drowning in PowerPoint notes. Papercuts on the left hand and the smudge of your pencil and pen ink on the right. Stressing thinking to yourself if you don’t at least get that 78 percent on this final exam, you might not end up with that 3.1 GPA. And without a GPA over 3.0, you might end up being a busboy again this summer, or even worse… Selling insurance for the rest of your life!

It matters less in the long run than you think

But no matter you got that 78 percent or not, you didn’t end up selling insurance did you? You didn’t ruin your life, right? Hell no you didn’t!

Looking at it with 20/20 hindsight, that exam didn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. So why were you stressing so much at the moment? Seems silly right?

Now think about what you’re going through right now. Yes, it may be more significant or more traumatic than an exam in school. But just like that exam, life does continue.

Life is test after test

Life has no final exam. Just test after test. And quite frankly it’s not whether you passed or failed, just like the exam in school, it matters like in the grand scheme of things. What matters is what you learned before and during the test. And how you adapt and change after. Your life isn’t over, but it will change.

Your life may not be the same or how you planned, but tomorrow does come. And whether your test is one day or six months, it does end. The strong ones will look back and laugh at the struggle and smile on how it made them better. Others will look at it as a defining moment that crippled their lives.

Which one will you be? - _There's no final exam in life._


Push through,

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