Day 9 – “Find your confidence… Not just in your good but your struggle.”

I’ve decided to cut my journal out of each post. At least on regular days where big things and life lessons were few and far between.

For a few different reasons:

  1. My life’s boring and I don’t want to bore you with that. Ride my bike, work, PT, eat some chicken, fall asleep. Repeat. So I’m saving you from that!
  2. To focus more on the quotes and positivity. To give you actionable tasks and thought processes to help you make it through a trial in your life. Or just everyday life because I know sometimes it’s not easy and your back feels against the wall in all realms of life.

One topic I have yet to discuss that I genuinely believe is at the core of living your best life is confidence.

“Find your confidence… Not just in your good but your struggle.”

Being self-confident is the number 1 determinate towards success. If you can see it, believe it, and have faith in it as we talked about you can ultimately do anything. When you realize that, that’s pure confidence.

Confidence doesn’t come overnight, and it’s not just a mindset. It’s your lifestyle; it’s how you’re wired. And like a house, no matter how tangled the wires are, with enough help or training you can rewire your thought process.

Confidence through achievement

I feel the first step to gaining confidence is achievement. And no I’m not talking about winning an award or bring praised at work. I’m talking about small personal achievement. Something that after your done your mind will release dopamine and you’ll feel better about yourself than the first time your Instagram picture got more than 100 likes.

But how do I do that??

We’ll discuss tomorrow so tune in!

"Find your confidence... Not just in your good but your struggle."
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Push through,

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