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Founder and head transformation coach of Hella Fit – a revolutionary online fitness program helping individuals make their fitness and life transformation through fasting, non-restrictive diets, and accountability programs.

Digital marketing leader as former software engineer, CMO, and owner of Webspearmint – a digital marketing agency for small business specializing in lead generation, SEO, and Web design.


My Life

Transforming Lives In 2 Ways

Fitness Transformation Coaching | Digital Marketing Consulting

Through my own transformation of going from 270 lb, alcoholic, and failing out of college, to 195 lb. fitness model and entrepreneur, I’m using my experience and knowledge to help others make that same transformation in two ways.

1. In their fitness life by guiding individuals looking to lose weight through programs, a new and improved fasting protocol, and accountability to push them to their dream body and beyond.

2. Through digital marketing services to help local small and medium-sized businesses that need help on the tech side to compete with large firms in terms of lead generation, SEO, and web design.

Hella Fit

Transformation Coach

Using fasting, programs, and accountability to guide individuals to the body of their dreams.



Partner | Head Developer

Increasing business’s online revenue through lead generation, SEO, and Web design. 


Want to Know How to Lose Weight Fast w/o Restrictive Dieting?


my STory

There I was at 19 years old. In one single week I was told I was failing out of college, my girlfriend left me, and I hit the scale at 271 pounds.

And in one single moment, I knew something had to change. I was a disappointment to not only myself but my family, God, and others who I loved so much.

My first transformation came with my body. And that’s why I focus on fitness transformations. It’s the best first step anyone can take to changing their body, mind, and life.



  • Lost 55 pounds in first 9-months
  • Increased max-lifts over 200%
  • From 270 lb alcoholic to 195 lb fitness model, trainer, and nutritionist
  • Launched Hella Fit to teach my new effective fat loss methods to the world and help others do the same.


  • Self-taught software engineer to working at the largest Tech company
  • Launched 3 Businesses Before 22
  • Named to Wisconsin’s 25 under 25
  • Partner/Founder in Webspearmint and increased web leads by over 400% for small businesses


  • Second coming with Christ at the age of 21
  • Motivator to thousands through social media with daily faith and fitness quotes
  • Guest Speaker at the Faith Matters Summit

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Hella Fit Free Guide!

The New Faster Fasting Method For Weight Loss

How I went from 13-8.5% body fat in 2.5 months without counting calories with this 1 simple tweak! And a FREE guide on how you can use this tweak to do the exact same.

Hella Fit Cheat Day Guide

Eat Big To Get Small

A complete 10-step guide on you can use all the junk food you love to boost your fat loss and lose weight faster!

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