I’m going to be upfront and honest right away about why these blog posts are written, who these blog posts are for, and what these blog posts will help you do.

These posts are here to help you use simple tricks, methods, workouts, recipes, and more that I’ve used to transform my body and life, and you can too.

It’s finally your time to transform your body, lose the weight that you want, and do it with ease!


Now I’m guessing this isn’t the first fitness or weight loss blog you’ve read. Probably not the first one you’ve read today!

And I’m guessing it’s also not your first time trying to lose weight and build the body of your dreams.

The first thing I want to mention is that if you’ve failed at it before, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Information overload is a huge problem when it comes to your weight loss and fitness success. So It’s OKAY! I’ve been there.

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you can’t drop those pounds or build muscle, I want to put those fears to rest!

You got this! You just need the right person, plan, and accountability (and I don’t know maybe an awesome blog) to set you up to succeed!

And that’s what we’re here for, to be that awesome blog!

I know you have a dream and goal to absolutely transform your body and live your best life. And to do so without giving up your time, your social life, and most importantly, those yummy desserts.

So I want to show you how to make that happen as you continue to read.

This post and this whole blog can help two different people.

Fitness and Weight Loss Beginners
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1. The beginners reading this.

If that’s you, congrats and let’s take this first step together! You’ll learn some of the best simple tricks to put you on the fast track to weight loss and body transformation success.

Advanced Fitness Ethusiasts
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2. The advanced fitness enthusiasts reading this.

Killer! You’ve already drank the kool-aid and love fitness as much as Kanye loves Kanye. And love your results even more. Well, you’ll learn some efficient new tricks, recipes, and fun things to try and add into your routine to speed up your results.

No one likes being inefficient right?

The WHY behind these blog posts.

Writing down goals is critical. But do you know what’s even better?

Announcing them! This makes your goals transparent, clear and holds you accountable.

So let’s be clear about the goals of these blog posts.

Our Goals Here At Hella Fit

Goal #1

The BEST WAY to enjoy your life and make your fitness results sustainable is to cut restrictive dieting.

I don’t believe in tracking, counting, or having your life be completely taken over by fitness goals and results.

I want to myself and have you enjoy the body you build to the fullest by enjoying food, family, and life without restriction.

Goal #2

The BEST WAY to stop restrictive dieting but still hit your fitness or weight loss goals is through Intermittent Fasting.

Goal #3

The ONLY WAY to increase your results of intermittent fasting is through what I call the Faster Fasting Method.

Which we’ll get into in a little bit, and I’ll give you tons of free guides, tips, tricks, and videos on both of those things.

Who Am I?

Evan Laird Hella Fit Intro Picture
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So a little bit about me (I’ll keep this part short I promise).

My name is Evan Laird, founder and lead transformation coach here at Hella Fit.

My fitness journey started at about 270 pounds.

So I know exactly how it feels not to have the body that you want.

Since then I’ve leaned down to 195 pounds and less than 8% body fat and modeled and worked with brands such as Abercrombie, BPI Sports, BuffBake, Chomps and more.

Not only have I transformed my body. I’ve helped 100s of individuals just like you to the same thing.

Now Let’s Get Started!

How I change my life, and the lessons learned so you can do the same!

As I said, my journey started at 270 pounds (271 to be exact but who’s counting).

Not just my body but my life was an alcoholic and drug infested mess. I was drinking five nights a week, smoking six, and gaining weight seven days a week.

It was wild (you’re not going to believe this) my girlfriend broke up with me, I was told I was failing out of college, and I hit the scale at 271 pounds all in the same week.

Ouch town, population… Me bro!

Evan Laird Fat And Needs To Lose Weight
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All I wanted in life was others to look up to me. I always wanted to be a role model for people that have come after me. I wanted others to be proud of my accomplishments.

And at the end of the day, I wanted to proud of myself. To be able to look in the mirror and smile. Not just at my physical appearance but who I was and who I was becoming.

Now obviously a six-pack wouldn’t hurt either. 😉

The Start Of My Fitness Journey

So I set out on my journey!!

I pump along for 2-3 years discovering things that worked and things that didn’t and slowly building the body and life of my dreams.

I tried everything in the books to see what was the most efficient and effective way to lose weight from keto to paleo and from slow carb to high carb, I tried them all!

And the number 1 most significant thing I found that worked was Intermittent Fasting.

Evan Laird Intermittent Fasting Journey
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Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

How I explain Intermittent Fasting simply is basically not eating until noon every day or skipping breakfast.

Super simple right?

So basically you just cram all your eating and meals in a shorter window and don’t eat for longer. As I specifically followed a 16:8 fasting window which is just fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours in a day.

Weight Loss Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Weight Loss Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
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Intermittent Fasting has two main weight loss benefits.

1. It makes it easier to eat less. So when you’re only eating in a 4-8 hour window during the day compared to a 14-16 hour window, it’s natural to eat less as it becomes much harder to consume extra calories in fewer meals with less snacking.

2. Intermittent Fasting has been proven to increase your metabolism between 3-14% throughout the day. Meaning your churning through more calories and your bodies engine just turned into overdrive.

Making it a two-sided sword for weight loss!

Now there are a ton more benefits from Intermittent Fasting such as increasing growth hormone, cellular repair, and anti-disease that we’ll go into a later blog post.

These are the two main weight loss benefits to focus on.

The Fitness and Life Setbacks 🙁

But even with this proven and rock-solid weight loss tool and system behind me, every six months or so…..

Boom! I’d be back to my old ways and gaining weight again and ultimately ruining my progress with a significant setback.

Not just once, or twice, but three times I fell back into my old ways and regained a lot of the weight I lost.

Fitness Setbacks - Gaining Weight After Losing Weight
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It wasn’t until a few months ago that I became aware of what the problem was that lead to these significant setbacks.

Death To Restrictive Dieting

That colossal problem was restrictive dieting.

Now, what do I mean by restrictive dieting?

With this, I mean counting calories, macros, and tracking every little thing that I would eat — focusing more on the numbers than how my body was feeling.

And most of all, restricting myself from foods and my social life. A lot of foods I loved like donuts, pancakes, cereal, and more just couldn’t fit into the calories, macros, and diets I was doing. So I restricted myself and wouldn’t consume them.

On top of that, because my diets were so specific and strict, I restricted myself when it came to my social life. Going out to eat never happened, enjoying a drink with the boys watching the games became non-existent, and you can throw Saturday nights or Sunday brunch with the family out the window.

The Dieting Hamster Wheel

Dieting And Weight Loss Frustration and Hamster Wheel
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This style of restrictive dieting that most people run to lose weight would always lead me back to the beginning.

I would end up binging on foods (and alcohol) that my diets restricted going off for days and weeks as I hadn’t eaten them in so long. Once I got a taste, I just couldn’t stop!

I also realized this happened to so many others, like it may have to you before.

You start a restrictive diet with hype and motivation. Lose a considerable amount of weight, but the moment you slip up and cheat, boom! You’re out of it and next thing you know a month later, you’re back where you started.

So you start the cycle over again, and again, and again — a never-ending dieting hamster wheel.

And now that I realized this, I knew I needed to create a system and plan that was more flexible, fit into my schedule, but most importantly it could give me the results I wanted while still being able to enjoy my social life and foods I craved.

The Fasted Workout Epiphany

We all know a little bit about the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and why this lifestyle of not eating in the mornings can have significant fat loss benefits. But what I realized next goes even beyond that.

As I started to do research and look at my schedule, I noticed I had this free time in the mornings that I could move my workouts to.

The beauty of this time is that it’s time we all have available and can help jumpstart our day. So I was intrigued at the thought of moving my workouts here.

Fasted Morning Exercise and Workouts
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Hormonal Benefits

As I continued to look into it, the hormonal benefits of Intermittent Fasting mixed with the workout seemed to make an excellent combination.

When you’re fasted (in the mornings before you eat) your testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin levels (basically your bodies worker bees that help you build muscle and burn fat) are all at peak states for fat burning and muscle growth.

Studies have shown growth hormone to be boosted up to 5 times the normal levels!

Along with a testosterone increase and the fat burning benefits of being in a low insulin (insulin sensitive) state seemed like an awesome combination.

So I thought what if I moved my workouts there.

Sounds crazy, right?

And you’re probably thinking right now, But aren’t you going to burn muscle and be super tired if you workout without eating?

And I was thinking the same thing. Having gone 3-4 years of thinking I needed to eat before, after, and sometimes even during a workout to increase performance, this was new to me.

So I went in a little scared.

Effects of Fasted Workouts

But something crazy happened when I made this simple tweak to fasted workouts.

Not only was I super energized for my workouts and burning body fat like a furnace (keep in mind I wasn’t counting calories or restricting myself from the cereal that I love), but I didn’t lose a single gram of muscle mass!

Here’s the proof from my last slip up in 2018 that we saw earlier.

Evan Laird Fitness Transformation in 2019
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And Shit! I even gained strength on some of the key lifts such as Bench Press, Squats, and Deadlifts.

In just a short 2.5 months, I went from 13-8.5% body fat without counting a single calorie!!

Something I was doing for over three years and thought was necessary to optimize my fat loss!

Why Fasted Workouts Just Make Sense

When I look back at it, it just makes sense.

Your body’s hormones are the number one factor when you lose or gain weight, body fat, or muscle.

So if all your body’s hormones are optimized or in a prime state for fat loss and muscle building while fasting, it just makes sense to place your workout in that period. Right?

I’ve called this intermittent fasting method of mixing intermittent fasting (specifically 16 and 8) and fasted morning workouts, the Faster Fasting Method.

Introduction to the Faster Fasting Method

So I called it Faster Fasting for two reasons.

Not only because it speeds up fat loss by optimizing your hormones. But it also can speed up your fasting process.

Meaning you can get the same or better results in a shorter amount of time fasting if you workout during that period. This is because your body is churning through your stored calories and carbs quicker when adding exercise into your fast.

So with this one simple tweak of moving my workouts to my fasted period, I was able to hit my two big goals.

First, I was able to make myself proud by having the body and flexibility I always dreamed of. I didn’t have to sacrifice my fitness, and weight loss goals and even reached them quicker.

And secondly, I was making others around me proud and happy (and myself) as I’m still able to enjoy life and enjoy time and food with family and friends. I finally had the balance not to be entirely caught up in tracking every little thing and allowing fitness to take over my life.

Evan Laird Full Fitness Transformation
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That’s what Faster Fasting as allowed me to do.

Reach my fitness and weight loss goals while not having fitness take over my life.

Faster Fasting Can Do The Same For You!

Now I’m going to guess that you aren’t looking to be a fitness model and get sub 10% body fat like I was.

And if you are, fantastic and this will do just that.

But even if you’re not and you’re just trying to lose that extra 10 pounds or just starting your fitness journey with a lot more to lose, this method WILL work for you!

You see most people just try doing more and eating less.

And although great to start, after a calorie deficit (basically you eating less food than you’re burning through the day) the number one thing that makes a difference in fat loss is your hormones as these are the worker bees inside you that tell your body when it’s fat burning time!

And that’s what Faster Fasting does.

It puts those worker bees into overdrive for you by placing your exercise where they can be the most effective no matter where you are on your journey.

Just To Prove It’s Not Just Me That This Works For

Here’s one of my good friends, Sam.

He was the first to hear about the results I received from Faster Fasting and eager to put them to the test with his own body.

He didn’t change a single thing except he moved his strength training to the morning before he ate his first meal.

Never counted a calorie, didn’t restrict himself from the carbs he loves, but just moved his workouts to a fasted state. And Boom!

Sam Fitness Transformation
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Only that a straightforward tweak to fasted workouts. Crazy right?

What’s Next For You?

Now there’s other tricks, tweaks, and fun things you can add in with your Faster Fasting (the most significant factor of it all) and that’s what I’ll continue to go over.

As I continue to write blogs, you’ll be seeing top fat burning and muscle building recipes, workouts, cardio, foods, and more that you can use to optimize your weight loss.

But I’ve decided to put the top 2 tips/secrets besides faster fasting here for you.

  1. The first being social slimming and how to not give up your social life and how to stop restrictive dieting while still losing weight.
  2. The second is feasting for fat loss and how to add in cheat days correctly to enjoy yummy foods you love while increasing your fat burning.

With these two secrets and the one big domino of faster fasting (fasted workouts mixed with intermittent fasting), you can be well on your way the most efficient and fun way to torch body fat.

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