Daily Devotional & Morning Motivational – January 7, 2020

Perfection is not the end goal, progression is.

Too many of us, including myself, are running after perfection.

We see those individuals on social media or see these hot shots speaking, and we think to ourselves, “I want that. That looks perfect.”

We nail down our ultimate goals with these perfect houses, perfect marriages, perfect cars, pets, smiles, bodies, or whatever is hot in that season.

But in the end, even if we hit that goal or not, we are left empty and disappointed.


Because perfection is impossible!

But progression is not.

Progression leads to sustainable happiness through achievement, personal and material.

When you know each and every move you make is getting you closer to your end destination, how could you not be happy?

When you see the slow progress to your goal, how can you not crack a smile?

And the beauty of progression, unlike perfect, is this.

There’s no actual end destination. There’s no set end where once you reach it, it’s done.

This may sound sad on the outside but change your perspective.

This means your growth is endless!

How good you can become and how much better you can be is limitless!

And your happiness, abundant and ceilingless.

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