Daily Devotional & Morning Motivational – January 4, 2020

God works in the little things.

Most people have a depiction of God that he only works in big outstanding miracles. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes he does!

God’s parted the red sea to save the Israelites, he’s healed blind men, walked on water, and has personally saved my life from drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions multiple times… All large miracles.

But God mostly works in the silence of our lives. He works best in private just you and him. He thrives in the little things to make our lives better fractions every single day.


Because those little things have a compound effect on our lives. He slowly builds up the millions of little miracles and blessings he gives us throughout our life in order to create the big fantastic miracles and blessings you end up seeing on the outside.

Overnight success doesn’t happen. It’s the consistent little things you and God do together day in and day out that lead to the BIG SUCCESSES on the surface.

If you’re scared right now that you don’t see God working because there hasn’t been that big outward breakthrough, I challenge you to look at the little things in your life. Change your perspective to the little moments, wins, and successes you have each day to then start to see that GOD IS WORKING, just in his own timing and way.

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