Daily Devotional & Morning Motivational – January 5, 2020

God is not slow in keeping his promises.

A big thing I need to work on and know it’s something that many struggle with is to becoming okay running off of God’s timing versus our own.

God’s timing doesn’t make mistakes. But our timing does.

The pauses and ups and downs are there to protect us and guide us to God’s ultimate vision, not our own.

And ultimately, his vision is a means to a bigger, better, healthier, and higher end than we can even fathom.

Such as my travelling the world and experiencing what I have the past six months travelling to over 15 countries and three continents. It wasn’t apart of my plan. And it wasn’t apart of my timing. But it was all apart of God’s.

He sees what we don’t.

So in 2020, I want to not only give him all the glory but give him control of the clock in my life.

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