Daily Devotional & Morning Motivational – January 2, 2019

God created this whole beautiful world. It’d be a shame if I didn’t see it all.

This is the number one reason why I travel. Why I backed my one backpack and set out on an adventure across the world.

Yes, travel looks cool. The sightseeing and food is something of people’s dreams. But that’s not even close to the reason why.

The change in perspective when you travel is what I’m after.

Not only the change in perspective you get when you meet others from and experience different cultures and ways of life around the world but the shift of perspective on how powerful God is. How he can build this entire planet, create each person, culture, language, and more. And how he seamlessly adds in his miracles and blessings throughout the way.

God created this entire Earth: all the wonders you see, every culture, language, the mountain you climb, and body of water you swim in. I want to serve God and appreciate all his creations to the fullest; it’d be a shame if I didn’t.

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