Daily Devotional & Morning Motivational – January 6, 2020

Every morning is a new starting line and a new race to run.

Don’t let the last race (day) hinder you today.

You can’t change what happened in the past can you? There’s no such thing as a time machine, right? And what you do in today’s race is completely independent of what happened in the last race, correct?

Then it shouldn’t even be an afterthought on your actions today.

Jump up to your new starting line and go!

Do you best to win THAT race. 

Not tomorrow’s race or yesterday’s race, but today’s race should be your sole focus.

And it’s okay.

You’re not going to win every race. Lord knows I don’t.

But when you start being able to string together a few top 5 finishes, that’s when the magic happens and you see the snowball effect happening in your life.

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