Day 4 – “Just keep swimming.”

"Just keep swimming." - evan laird

This morning felt like the most challenging day thus far. I didn’t want to move upon waking, didn’t want to struggle my way out of bed. I just wanted to lie there for the next three months asleep when this is all over, and I can go back to using my hand.

Pain in the process

It hasn’t become the pain or the healing process that’s the hardest. It’s become the mental fatigue to keep on what I’m doing to heal correctly. I was instructed to keep my fingers straight and not let them rest of dangle 24/7. By the time I woke up this morning my fingers were shaking of exhaustion. I’ve also been instructed to keep my hand above my heart 24/7 for the next 2-3 weeks to reduce swelling. My arm and shoulder being in constant strain to keep it up.

And with that, yesterday’s quote is unraveling before my eyes. The pain isn’t in the actual accident or cut of my hand. But it resides in the recovery and the steps I’m taking to make progress, grow, and come back stronger than ever. So today’s quote comes from a childhood favorite movie that dives deeper than you realize.

"Just keep swimming." - dorie - finding nemo

“Just keep swimming.”

The hero is consistent

Naturally not actually, because with my hand I can’t swim right now. But emotionally, mentally, and physically keep moving and progressing. Through you trails, theirs going to be moments where you feel like giving up, throwing in the towel, and riding the more natural wave back to shore. When those come up, don’t make any dramatic decisions. Don’t try to be the hero to bring up some insane motivation to bring you to the next level. It’ll only fade and bring you crashing right back down.

Take the simple steps

All you need to do is just keep swimming. Take the simple necessary steps towards progress to get yourself moving, and that’s it. Because each little paddle towards your ultimate goal will end up snowballing into even greater. Take the simple steps, one step at a time.

"Just keep swimming." - evan laird


Push through,

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Day 3 – “There’s no progress without pain.”

After a day where my arm was completely limp and it just dangled by my side, I couldn’t be happier to curl my bicep or life my hand overhead. But as the feeling comes back, so does the pain.

I know the pain meds are across the room but also recognize the less I lean on them, the better I will be. So I’m waiting until I can’t handle the pain to make that first move. Which brings me to my next quote for today (I promise they’ll get less cheesy and less generic soon, have to get these out of the way.)

“There’s no progress without pain.”

Growth stems from pain

Growth and progress will always come from pain. Growth, in essence, steams from it. You have to push yourself beyond what you can do today to create a better tomorrow. And that push is never easy. Whether it’s learning a new skill, you’ll continuously mess up or forget and continue to push on to better yourself. When it comes to your physical body when you exercise you are legitimately tearing your muscle fibers to rebuild them bigger and stronger. The true definition of there’s no progress without pain.

Building your empire through the pain

So as you run through this time in your life, remember pain is a necessary factor for you to become bigger, better, stronger, healthier, or smarter. Look at it as an essential step on the way to build your house. If you skip the pain or struggle, you’ll end up with an incomplete building without a roof. But if you push through and find your motivation, passion, and will to continue every day you’ll be laying your head in a beautiful mansion that you’ve built. And there’s nothing for rewarding than that. Your body and mind is a temple, and no empire was built without shedding some blood and tears.

Pain is part of your progress and is what is causing it. Tread through and what’s in store for you will be greater than what you started with.

"There's no progress without pain."

Push through,

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Day 2 – “Even the toughest people can’t do it alone.”

"Even the toughest people can't do it alone."

After a rough night sleep with a dead hand trying desperately to get some air, I rolled over to turn my blaring alarm clock off at 5:30 am.

Struggled to pull up my blackout shades, brushed my teeth, and started my daily routine as I usually would. But today was not usual and anything but routine. Got into the car I rent for today, picked up my best friend and headed on over to Miami Surgical Suites.

Today is surgery day. I decided to write this post afterward to be able to digest and reflect on the happenings of today. After the reflection, I’ve decided to piggyback on yesterday and expand the quote.

evan day of surgery

“Tough times don’t last, tough people, do. But even the toughest people can’t do it alone.”

No one is self-made

Arnold Schwarzenegger continuously teaches that no one is a self-made man (or woman) for this reason alone. During these trials and tribulations of your life, it’s crucial to remember, communicate with, and find your support system. These individual whether they are friends, family, colleagues, or even the hospital workers are there to help you ride the roller coaster of life. And more specifically this down time where it feels like you don’t have the right to make it back up the hill.

Learn to lean on others

Lean on them, trust them, and be 100% transparent as they’ll help propel you up the hill to your next prominent peak. This is a time where no matter how strong you are, help from others is needed so swallow your pride, leave it in the dust, and find comfort in others. There are millions of people from the ones your closest with to random individuals on the street that are willing to help. All you have to do is ask for it.

"Even the toughest people can't do it alone."


Push through,

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Day 1 – “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Tough times don’t last, tough people do-evanlaird

I write this at the beginning of my journey. Everything was starting to come together. I had moved down to the beautiful city of Miami to follow my dreams. Took a massive risk but saying farewell to my comfortable corporate job in Chicago where I could see all the growth in-store for me.

Taking that leap, I was finally happy. Miami in just a short time felt like home. Sun glistening and a warm 80 degrees every day. Living beside my best friend with similar mindset and dreams to ride our startups to the top. Meeting great people and beautiful women.


Until it, all came crashing down….

With a quick slice of my brand new all-black sleek AF knives, I sliced right through my hand. I severed a few tendons leaving my pinky finger motionless. Having no family, I quickly called an Uber and headed to the ER. Not the way a 22-year-old male was planning on spending his Saturday night. But I made the most about it. I mean, it was just a small cut, right? A couple of days maybe week or two and I’m back to normal right?

Wrong. Deadass wrong.


Struggling Into Surgery

Monday morning, my dreams, goals, and my ability to be at my best swiftly crashed down.

I was notified of the surgery that I needed on Wednesday. But not only that, but my procedure was not a simple one that would take a few minutes. No, the surgery would take roughly two hours and the cost… I can’t even stomach.

For the past five years through college, I decided to start saving and investing knowing with compound interest it would pay off in the long run. Hard nights and weekends working went directly into these funds. Gone, all gone.

As I laid in my bed just soaking this all, a few years ran down my cheek. I didn’t know that finally finding true happiness in my life would cost me everything I loved about it for the next 3-6 months in recovery.

My Life… Shattered

My work life… Slowed down as I can’t type during recovery. Next Monday is our launch of the beta, and I already didn’t have enough time in the day to get what I needed to be done to make this successful. Now cut (pun intended) that time in half.

My health… Crippled. I was on a mission and for the first time invested a substantial amount of money to get into the best shape of my life. I was on the road to 7% body fat and hopefully some more modeling for fun. With 3-6 months without upper body training, down goes what I have been building for the last four years. Down goes my entity outside of work and down goes my one escape and meditation that genuinely worked for me.

And as I explained before my money… With student loans accruing, credit card bills staking up, and still having to give myself proper nutrition, I had to drain my life savings to cover the costs. I knew that my simple mistake would cost my health for a bit, but didn’t think it would cost me almost everything.

Finding The Silver Lining

I struggle to find the silver lining, but that’s what this series is about. It will force myself to look at the good despite what has happened. Forcing myself to stay on my mission. The process will force me to adapt learn and grow ten times more than before.

So without further ado, the first quote on the path to recovery is

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

It’s a reminder that all this pain sorrow struggle is just temporary. A small glimpse in time where your battle may be a bit harder. You may have to work longer, deal with some pain, and sludge through adversity. But on the other side of all that muck, is something beyond great.

Whether it’s what God has in store for you beyond this wall or the personal growth that you’ll see through this period, it will all be worth it. You’ll look back at this struggle as your defining moment. If and only if you stand tall, battle the adversity, and sharpen your sword with the rock life handed you.

It may not all be going your way at the moment, but that’s the fact of life. But if you truck through every day and never give up on your mission, you’ll come out farther ahead than you’ve ever imagined.

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Push through,

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