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I’m a junior IT major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I consider myself a lifelong learner and future business leader. I have many passions including: new and emerging technologies, AI, space exploration, app and website development, reading, weight lifting, basketball, fantasy football.

I do freelance Web Development for any and all companies!

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I’m a young, hungry, and dedicated designer/developer. I’m truly a perfectionist in everything I do. Whether I’m in the classroom, pitching in front of 40 investors, in the weight room, working with startups, or developing and designing websites and apps. I have a keen eye for detail and won’t stop until everything is perfect and just the way you want it. Developing and designing software is truly my passion and a great website, app, or digital strategy can set you and your company apart in so many ways. Just like you, I want to change the world and want to help you achieve your dreams as well!


I’m a 100% self-taught programmer. I fell in love with the challenge after creating my first complex application in Swift, GoEat, and launching my first company with it. Since my start of programming I have been a finalist in 1 international, 1 national, and 2 local business plan competitions. I have also taught myself HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. With these skills I have created and recreated 3 companies’ websites in the past month on a freelance basis. I’ve studied, analyzed, and read 22 business, startup, and economics books in the last year and a half. I’m currently doing freelance web and iOS development, along with learning statistical analysis with Python for machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. I’ve done and continue doing all this while I’ve lost 50 pounds and have increased my strength (bench press) 66%.

HTML and CSS100%
Web Design and Development100%
iOS Development100%
Marketing and Sales90%
Python for Data Science50%


Since I’ve started developing websites and applications I have:

  • transformed 3 companies websites
  • created 1 company’s website from the ground up
  • developed 2 full stack applications on the Apple App Store
  • coded my old personal site from scratch HTML, CSS, and JS

This is just the start and have other projects in the pipeline! Check out my full portfolio below.


  • Evan is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met, his desire to constantly improve himself and his skill set is unmatchable. I have seen him let nothing stand in the way of his success. His competitiveness and willingness to throw himself into any situation is where I have seen him truly grow and watched him accomplish what many dream of.

    Andrew Nimsgern

    (Glory Togas LLC, CEO/Founder)

  • Execution is Evan's middle name. Since I've known him, he went from knowing nothing about the business world, personal branding, or entrepreneurship to launching his first company less than a year later. Evan will not stop at anything until he succeeds.

    Brandon Fong

    (, Bestselling Author)

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